Linear potentiometer

Our linear potentiometers are characterized by very flat design and can be individually modified to meet your requirements.

Precision singleturn potentiometer

We offer you a wide range of precision singleturn potentiometers with different designs for various applications and price expectations.

Frontpanel potentiometer

The frontpanel potentiometers are available with circuit board mounting, solder connection for threading into the front panel.

Multiturn potentiometer

Are you not satisfied with commercial multiturn potentiometers? Do you require improved tightness, another type of connection or even standardized current- or voltage output? If you cannot find a potentiometer which meets your requirements, we will modify or manufacture such potentiometer according to your wishes.


We can support you in case you will not find required accessories for your potentiometer, whether clamping claws or rotary knobs or other accessories.

Customer specific

You have not been able to find anything suitable or the installation conditions do not allow standard solution? Please have a look at our customer specific solutions we provided, which allow you to handle cost-efficient, for example the switch potentiometer for "Heavy Duty" applications or as a rotation wheel.

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